Jill & David

Relaxed wedding  with a charming, warm, rustic vibe celebrated at Taypark House, Dundee

Jill and David  met in a typically modern way – online dating! The app was ‘Bumble’, which they still maintain is a much classier app than good old Tinder! Jokes aside – Jill and David fell in love very quickly. So quickly that on their third night of phone calls Dave seemed out of breath. Jill asked where he was. Dave sheepishly replied he had cycled all the way from Edinburgh to Dundee – to meet her! At that point it was a bit unclear to her whether that was very romantic or a bit creepy! Jill and Dave were working opposite schedules but always made an effort to visit each other and very early on they realised they were in love.

Roll on two years and here they are! Happily married! For their special day they chose to celebrate at the unique Taypark House in Dundee.  Jill  grew up in Dundee and loved the view of the Tay and the mix of rustic, unique, countryside feel wedding vibe the venue could offer.




Taypark House

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